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Soy Based Products With You In Mind


A&C CANDLE CO. WHOLESALE & private label


Looking to start your own candle business?

 Needing a candle vendor for your already established business? 

A&C Candle Co. is here to help! We have standard packages below that we are sure you will find affordable and easy to manage! Get started!

(Email Fragrances per order to [email protected])


(20) 8 oz. Silver Tins

Maximum 3 scents

Free Shipping

Colored wax available

20 Silver Tins
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(20) 3 oz. Copper Lids

Maximum 4 scents

Free Shipping

12 Soap Bars, & Colored Wax

Copper Lids & Soaps
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(20) 4 oz. Silver Tins

Maximum 5 scents

Free Shipping

Colored Wax, 12 Soap Bars & 5 Wax Tart Melt Packs

Silver Tins, Soaps & Wax Tart Melts
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